Ursus 6014 is a tractor with a wide range of applications. Ideally suited to agriculture, horticulture, in transport and municipal work. As in the other machines in the C series, in this case the functionality goes hand in hand with the power and sensational design. All this so that you can work comfortably, efficiently and in addition enjoy the aesthetics of your tractor. The components used in Ursus C-3110 come from world leaders in their industries, thanks to which we can be sure that we put a durable, powerful and reliable tractor in your hands.

Ideal for applications in orcharding, agriculture and municipal economy. High quality standard equipment and a wide range of options make this tractor optimal in adaptation to individual requirements.

Ursus Tractor 6014 Features:


Engine: URSUS 4406T

type: diesel, turbocharged, direct injection, watercooled

Power HP @ rpm: 85Hp @ 2200

Max. torque: Nm at rpm 313 - 1300

Capacity [cm3]: 4065 / 4 cylinders

Air filter: two-stage, dry type

Fuel tank capacity: 80 Ltrs


Clutch: dry, double disc

Gearbox: 8 x 2 with epicyclic reduction units

Rear axle: with mechanical differential lock and planetary hubs

Front axle: with planetary hubs

Maximum speed: 30 km/h


Functions: draft, position and response control

Pump capacity: 26,7 Lrs/minMP

Nominal pressure: 18 MPa

Lift capacity: 2500 kg

External hydraulics spool valves: single (2 quick couplings)


Steering system :Steering :hydrostatic

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